Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Age Game...

It has been revealed this week that Marc Jacobs was one of the only designers during New York Fashion week that didn't pledge not to stop hiring models under the age of 16. Ridiculous? Yes. Controversial? No. It becomes evident over time that Fashion houses need to take measures to thrust themselves into the public eye due to the increasing number of designers popping up left, right and centre. So maybe this is Marc's way of standing out this year.

Obviously clothes look better on a slender frame, after all garments are at their best when hung on a wire hanger. So hiring insanely tiny girls makes sense to the fashion world. However, there are plenty of teeny weeny women who are professional and respected models not to mention they're old enough to be legally out of school. Therefore, the hiring of incomprehensibly young girls is unnecessary.

As an added measure, by hiring under-aged models, the pressure is piled on to the older models to replicate the bodies of the young girls in order to get the desirable frame of the under-developed young'uns. And there is the vicious circle of age, pressure and health.

The Model Alliance is being set up to prevent such measures. Tackling issues such as age, weight, race and wages in the world of fashion they are taking the first steps to ensure that the world of frocks and frills becomes fairer on all concerned. It is a non-profit organisation and strives to better the careers of many mistreated women worldwide. To read more on this organisation head on over too

Essentially, The answer is a supposedly simple one; if you couldn't hire the girl in the "real" working world, why should the rules be different for the modelling world?

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