Thursday, 9 February 2012

Inspiration: Icon...

Hold on to your hat...

With androgyny resurfacing as a prominent style over the past two years, male fashion is increasingly relevant to women's style today. Therefore, Mick Jagger is an obvious style icon.
Skin tight clothes teamed with big bohemian scarves and a brave and stand-out sense of fashion propel him into today's trends. As the styles the 60's and 80's are seen increasingly on the catwalks the natural descent of the looks on to the high street means that more and more of today's generations are searching for their inspiration from the past. For years I've wanted jeans that fit as well as his do/did, so far no luck. And now, many women want the same. Clearly, fashion wasn't his only appealing characteristic (note the attractive offspring) but it certainly is a prominent one! His ability to be incredibly masculine whilst wearing what could be conceived as feminine clothing can only be described as a gift.

Oh Mick, if only you'd tell us the secrets of your "Dangerous Beauty", but then again "You Can't Always Get What You Want".

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