Monday, 13 February 2012

Inspiration: Icon

Kat Von D n' Me...

Yesterday a friend and I packed our bags and headed down to London to attend the opening day of Pure, Britain's largest fashion trade show. It was a hot bed of stylists and buyers all buzzing to find the latest and greatest new high-street brand. Arriving as the doors opened we witnessed Olympia, Kensington fill to the brim with a veritable feast of Britain and Europe's most stylish.

After stopping off to talk to a few fashion agent friends at By TiMo ( we tootled on to find the Young Inspiration Catwalk. What we found was a genuine treat. Debuting her new clothing range, Kat Von D took to the stage. Renowned for her fearless and glam-rock style Kat has been an inspiration to me for many years. Unapologetically sexy, her clothes and designs not only speak to a wide-young-audience but they fill a hole in the market that has been left wide open for years. For those rockers who shudder at the thought of the stereotypical emo dress but still desire ripped jeans and grungy tee's, this line is just the ticket. The new collection won't be hitting UK shops until A/W this year but have a quick sneaky peek at

All in all a marvellous day in "Laandan Taa'n".

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