Monday, 19 March 2012

Made in Britain: Mary Queen of Britain

The recent economic difficulties across Europe have brought to light the necessity for national independence in reference to work and manufacturing. Whilst many see Britain doomed for a life of cheap importation and mediocre world standing, Mary Portas strives to reignite good, old-fashioned British pride to stimulate Britain's struggling economy. Her infectious attitude of hard work and determination has been the subject of several television programs over the last 5 years as she busies herself across the United Kingdom helping and healing the high street.
In a unique twist on previously seen "help" programs, Mary fully engages those she wishes to help by instructing them on how to maintain a sustainable business, teaching them the importance of catering to the target market and recognising gaps on the high-street. The most recent of her programs is "Mary's Bottom Line" (Channel 4) which follows Portas as she starts a knicker line, "Kinky knickers" in a bid to bring manufacturing back on British soil. Her passion is the most striking thing throughout. Not only her passion for the high-street but her pure heart-felt love for helping those who are willing to work their socks off. As unemployment figures sore she invites 8 out-of-work men and women who are truly willing to work, and work hard, to be the backbone of her Kinky Knickers range; giving them both skills and employment.
Britain was once a great power in the world and being British meant an inherent sense of national pride. Mary Portas, over all politicians and effective members of British government has been the most successful, in my eyes at least, at driving home the realisation that Great British public must be the ones to help themselves and to realise that Britain as a nation is worth fighting for. Not only that but she has given people a sense of pride that has been lost in recent years. Portas demands of people the old fashioned Great British resolve of working hard and earning the right to put your feet up after a long hard day at the office. 

One can't help but think that, with Mary at the helm, the proverbial British ship can once again be Great.

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In the second half of "Made in Britain" I will be taking a look at the Save Our Skills initiative and how the bid to put Britain back on the industrial map is underway.

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