Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh Louis, how lovely you look....

The first thing that drew me to Louis Vuitton was the windows. Wandering along the streets of Cannes last summer, I came across the most exquisite window display. It wasn’t busy, it wasn’t bright, it wasn’t brash. It was just clever. Obviously, I had always been aware of Vuitton before this, everyone is aware of Vuitton, but it wasn’t until this exact moment that I started to appreciate the brand and the true genius behind the design, creation and visual merchandising. The window display was centred around two signature tote bags. These bags were placed on top of two large golden flamingo legs. Temporarily, I had been transported from the south of France into an imaginary world; Louis in Wonderland.

From this moment I was hooked. Whenever the opportunity arose I would wander into Manchester to see if a new LV window display had been created. And when these wonders did appear they did not disappoint.
When typing into any search engine of choice the words “Louis Vuitton Window Display”, one million plus websites appear showing that the windows themselves have created a small cult following, never mind the brand itself. Yes the appeal comes from the brand name, but even if the brand was not attached I still firmly believe everyone would have to stop and take a sneaky peek to see what these creations are for.
Yes, the visual merchandising budget must be five times the size of your average boutique in your local town, but if Louis Vuitton has taught us anything, it's that it definitely is worth the investment.

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