Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why Eye....

Blake Mycoskie is a philanthropic genius. Back in 2006, this marvel met Argentinian children whilst he was travelling, who were without shoes to protect their feet, and so the One for One movement was born. By creating a pair of shoes that were of good value and quality to sell in over 30 countries, he was able to provide shoes for deprived children with the profits obtained. The scheme touched the hearts of the nations and quickly Tom's not only became one of the most talked about initiatives but it also became a staple item in many wardrobes.
Well, our charitable wizard is back again, this time broadening the One for One scheme to Sunglasses. Blake recognises eyesight as a "fundamental need". Upon researching blindness he found that it was the seventh largest health disability but recognised it as being one of the most preventable, therefore realising that it was lack of funds that affected this growing statistic of visual impairment. 
The sunglasses, like the shoes are not only a way of helping others but they are insanely stylish too! Yes, the price may seem a considerable amount more than the average shopper likes to spend on a pair of sunnies at £110 a pop, but when baring in mind the cause, it seems a small price to pay when considering the gift you'll be giving someone else. The gift of a sight free of impairment.

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